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Networking isn’t like a gumball machine

How do you think the Stamford Business Network works?  Do you only spend your time with the people who can give you referrals?  Do you only look for referrals for the people who are sure to pay you back?  Are you looking for that well known phrase, a “Quid Pro Quo”?...

How to perform better in trying times

I came across this 2009 book while cleaning up my basement and it contains some important reminders of how to perform better in trying times.  It was written after the 2008 Great Recession but it has valuable ideas and tools for dealing with difficult times. The four...

This Wedding is coming up – what do I wear??

Top Tips for Male Guests to Dress Appropriately and with Confidence at Your Next Wedding  1.  Do not overshadow the groom, either in formality boldness or accessories.  This is their time to shine and it will appear disrespectful if you come looking like a beacon in...

What is a hot button?

What is a hot button?  In marketing, a hot button is the idea that is most important to your customer or prospect.  It’s “the thing that keeps your customer up at night.”  It’s the problem that they can’t solve.  The challenge that they can’t figure out. What is a hot...

Networking for the Introverted and Awkward

Networking for the Introverted and Awkward

When I first opened my travel agency, I was on the hunt for new local clients, as any new business owner would be. What made it more difficult for me was that I was a recent transplant to Fairfield County, so I didn’t have the same local network that I had in my...

How Does Business Networking Work?

How Does Business Networking Work?

I am often asked, “How does business networking work?”. The best way I know to answer this question is to relate an experience I had just recently. I was working a new client, asking lots of questions about her medical practice, and gathering ideas that would be used...

How to Create a Tagline that Works

How to Create a Tagline that Works

Trying to Create a Tagline? Most companies do. But the tag lines that most companies use don’t really do anything for them. How about yours? Create a Tagline that Works How many time have you see a tagline that just takes up space?  Like “Serving the community since...

How Does Business Networking Work?

Are You Missing This Free Marketing Opportunity?

Is your email address a marketing tool? I don’t mean the emails that you send.  I mean the email address.  Far too many business people have an email address which includes an email domain such as “Hotmail.com” or “Yahoo.com.”  They’re free, they’re easy, and they’re...

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