Post COVID (can I say that yet?) heralds another (like after the 1918 Pandemic) seismic shift in fashion.

Industry and fashion experts agree that we will get sick of wearing sweatpants, but that a few trends will stay with as we head back to the office and beyond.

1. Comfort: Yes, those trousers with a real button waistband and your underwire bra will resurface out of the closet, but after months of working without either, comfort will be reprioritized.

“When we have to go back to the office, there’s a good chance it will no longer be in uncomfortable heels, or hard-to-tuck-in blouses. Expectations of impractical, uncomfortable work attire are floating away along with a feeling of obligation to appear ‘attractive’ at work in the MeToo era.” In Style Magazine

2. Easy Care: Linked strongly with lessening carbon footprint and sustainability, easy care fabrics that wash at home will be prioritized, and dry-clean only will lose desirability. The biggest changes in this arena will be non-iron shirts, machine washable silks and merino wool, and tech fabrics woven into natural ones to create more easy care ability.

3. Make Do and Mend was a fashion slogan during WWII, and this is seen throughout the industry; fashion designers are repurposing designs and materials left over from previous seasons (Vogue Magazine Designers Remaking 2021) and consignment and rental options such as women’s Gwynnie Bee, Rent the Runway, Poshmark are thriving.

So what WILL we be wearing? We are going to want to dress up, but it doesn’t have to be sweatpants. New York Times. asks “Can it be a dress? A housedress is completely easy. You can throw it on, zip it off, whatever.” For men, tech fabrics and comfortable pants with stretch will be key. Mens, an easy way to add panache, versatility and comfort without formality is to add a third piece, either a sweater vest or a tech vest.

For both men and women, careful selection, investing more in quality and less in “fast fashion” will drive new purchase options. All the more reason to make timeless and trend-less purchases that fit your body, your wallet and your personality with the help of an expert in the industry. 🙂



Ann Lindsay of Style of Success works to make you look effortlessly confident. She specializes in Image Consulting, Personal Styling, Concierge Shopping, and is a J.Hilburn Menswear Stylist. She brings confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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