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Experience a no-nonsense results-oriented approach to business networking and achieving your goals!

Relationship Marketing

Build long-term relationships that foster a deep sense of trust and cooperation that leads to the best referrals.

Weekly Meetings

Meeting weekly as a group to learn about each others’ businesses so that we recognize valid opportunities for each other, and give warm introductions.

High Referral Rate

As a result of Relationship Marketing and commitment to each others’ success, referrals in the Stamford Business Network+ tend to have a higher — and quicker — close rate.

Business Networking Company Located in Stamford, CT, and Also Serving Norwalk and Fairfield County


If you are looking to expand and grow your business, there are many business networking groups to consider. Stamford Business Network+ is the strongest of them.


With over $2 Million in closed business in 2018 ($65,000 average per member), our inspired group of professionals meets every Friday with a specific agenda and strategic objectives.


We Believe Trust and Cooperation are the Foundation for Building a Strong Referral Network.


Weekly meetings with 40+ professionals who are committed to recognizing and sharing business opportunities with one another.


Mentoring sessions, business problem-solving luncheons, and professional collaborations — allowing members to take on and succeed at projects they might not consider doing alone.


If you’re looking to improve and accelerate your business results with solid warm referrals, or enhance your business with professional quality services, contact us today. And take your business networking to a whole new level of success!


71% Increase in Return Referrals


33% Increase in Sales


  • Business Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Personal Services

Membership in the Stamford Business Network+ is a highly-coveted asset that can make a powerful difference in the success of your business — we accept only one member per profession, and all applicants are carefully vetted to make certain the Stamford Business Network+ delivers high-quality products and services to the community.

The Numbers

The stats don’t lie! You could be part of these numbers.

Closed Business


Current Members

Average Per Seat


What types of business can join?
Any profession is welcome to join. We only have one member per profession, which makes you the go-to-person for that industry.
How much does membership cost?
Membership is $350 per year plus $350 per year for facility dues. These dues cover the cost of a weekly breakfast as well as our facility.
How will you help my business?
Our proven method of meeting weekly and developing relationships will foster trust and lead to new business.
Where are you located?

We are located in St. Johns Lutheran Church, at 884 Newfield Avenue in Stamford, CT.

How can I be a part of this great group?

Contact our membership development director, Casey Hart at visitors@stamfordbusinessnetwork.com for more information on how to visit us.

"Have been building my business for the last 9 years, I’ve joined numerous groups looking for one that would really give me a return on my most precious commodity — time. Last year the search ended when I joined Stamford Business Network+! Through the group I have not only grown my client base, but spend quality time with high caliber business professionals, which has made me a better owner, operator, leader for my organization."

Linda Kuppersmith
CMIT Solutions of Stamford

"Stamford Business Network+ accounts for a third of my business annually, it provides me with very accomplished peers who act as a Master Mind group for me (and others), and has brought great friendships along the way as well. Without doubt, my best investment in business!"

Jeff Roberts
Chief Vision Officer


"From a marketing perspective, this meeting is by far the most productive 90 minutes of my week."

Ray McClelland



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Networking • Partnering
Referring • Socializing

Meeting every Friday at 7 AM

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