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I’ve been a member of our group for so many years and it often bewilders me that a few people may feel they do not get enough good business referrals while others are receiving many.

There is a key to receiving successful referrals from others in the group.  Part of it is attending the meetings and listening to the needs of others… the old saw “Givers gain”, but listening to the groups needs will allow you to think about their businesses and make good connections.  Also setting up the “one on one” meetings and having coffee, lunch or attending group activities can create more communication. This can develop more understanding of the other participants and establish friendships that can promote referrals.  Over the years these relationships sometimes outlast a particular person’s participation in the group, but many still get referrals because there is still a desire to feed that person and their business an opportunity for work or coordinate a meeting with someone interested in doing business with them. So those two activities are very important.

The third is more personal to me, but works with all of us. Developing a referral list that each of us can hand out to clients and friends is another technique that works. You are then offering the names of trusted members that they may not know, but can trust to do a good job.

Because I am in many homes with my home inspection business, many of my new clients have few if any resources to call upon when the move in. The painter, plumber, window treatments, handyman and contractor referrals give them a leg up on trusted people that you are comfortable to give out. If you prepare that list and distribute it to your clients and friends it allows them when they need a lawyer, cleaning system ,tax preparer or realtor to have your name on a list that can mean a warmer referral.

Over the years I have offered the opportunity to add a one-page information sheet in the binder we give to more than 500 annual inspection clients. These sheets allow you access to new arrivals to our area who ultimately may need insurance, repairs and other services…  Participating in this is almost a sure thing that when they need a service, they have your information with their home inspection binder and they can find it.

Other group members can keep a referral sheet handy and when they hear someone needs a particular service the referral can be made.

I encourage you to focus on these techniques and the opportunities will often pour in!


Stephen Gladstone, ACI

Chief Inspector

Stonehollow, Inc. Fine Home Inspectors

Serving Fairfield & Westchester Counties since 1983

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