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If you are in the same job, with the same mindset toward your future as pre COVID-19, you are in the vast minority.

A prospective client shared his story the other day, and he is the norm, not the exception.   This is a man has worked in a corporate setting for most of his career, has built up to a respected, comfortable high level in the company.  March 2020 and (along with everything else in our lives) disrupts what he thought was going to be his last 5 to 10 years of work.  A few hundred hours of a panic then despair later, and then suddenly some creative thinking occurs about what he would really like to do for these last few years.  And these thoughts are jelling into some pretty exciting new business ideas.

  • These ideas likely will require him having a higher level of public visibility.
  • They might require him to markets at events, do some public speaking, videos and social media lives.
  • They surely will require him to do some prospecting and pitching of his new business or new business idea. The people that he will be pitching to are likely to be younger than he is.

He will need to Create a visual image that supports so many needs at once!

  1. His maturity and experience as the right person to run this project efficiently and effectively.
  2. His youthfulness and drive (durability?)  to see the project through to the end, late nights and all.
  3. His whip-smart creativity and ability to think outside the box, pivot and be flexible.
  4. His approachability and likability – how he will fit in as a team player with potentially a more youthful group of coworkers

“Holy Understatement Batman”!   That’s a lot of tasks for one person to “say” with their look.

Step 1 – Be willing to know what you don’t know:

Good job if you’ve figured out that you can’t wear the same “suit uniform” you wore to the Bank for 25 years in your new venture.

Good job knowing you can’t hijack the Steve Jobs black tee and jeans look (until you ARE him that is) and impress the right people.

Step 2 – Do what YOU know how to do, and decide to outsource this in a more efficient, effective and powerful way to a profession that can help you build a wardrobe you know how to wear, you know fits you, and you know contains what you need to say about you.  Like me!



Ann Lindsay of Style of Success works to make you look effortlessly confident. She specializes in Image Consulting, Personal Styling, Concierge Shopping, and is a J.Hilburn Menswear Stylist. She brings confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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