Top Tips for Male Guests to Dress Appropriately and with Confidence at Your Next Wedding 

1.  Do not overshadow the groom, either in formality boldness or accessories.  This is their time to shine and it will appear disrespectful if you come looking like a beacon in the crowd.
2.  Avoid dressing just like the wedding party.  If you like to wear bold colors, find out what color the wedding party will be, and don’t wear that color. 
3.  Don’t wear all black or all white.
4.  Follow the wedding attire dress code on the invite.  This is not the time to go rogue.   
5.  Err on the side of formality.  If you are not sure and can not ask your host, wear a suit or jacket and tie.  You can always take off the latter after.
6.  The most common dress code requests are “black tie optional” which means wearing the wedding will be a formal event;  you may wear a tux if you own one, but a dark suit is very acceptable.   
The second is “cocktail attire” which means you can more festive.  You will dress in a suit, but one that is brighter, lighter, louder pattern (not all at once – just pick one) than a business suit.
7.  Summer afternoon garden weddings are likely to be one step more casual, but still in the realm of a suit or jacket and trousers.  In this case, a fun, light color can come into play, for example, this seersucker is a great choice.  You can take off the tie and jacket at the reception after the bride and groom have been announced. 
8.  Beach weddings are the most casual, often your hosts will request you wear a short sleeve shirt, even shorts or bare feet.  In this case, ensure your pedicure is up to date (not kidding) and your casual clothing fits you properly. 
9.  Last but not least, consider adding a pocket square to your outfit – even if this is not your standard go-to.  This bit of color and pattern elevates your look and can make a darker suit feel more festive. 

Want one on one assistance in what to wear to the wedding “lurking” on your calendar? 
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