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Networking for the Introverted and Awkward

When I first opened my travel agency, I was on the hunt for new local clients, as any new business owner would be. What made it more difficult for me was that I was a recent transplant to Fairfield County, so I didn’t have the same local network that I had in my...

How Does Business Networking Work?

I am often asked, “How does business networking work?”. The best way I know to answer this question is to relate an experience I had just recently. I was working a new client, asking lots of questions about her medical practice, and gathering ideas that would be used...

How to Create a Tagline that Works

Trying to Create a Tagline? Most companies do. But the tag lines that most companies use don’t really do anything for them. How about yours? Create a Tagline that Works How many time have you see a tagline that just takes up space?  Like “Serving the community since...

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