Networking And Relationship Building

As a real estate broker, meeting new people, keeping in touch with those already in my sphere of influence and developing and curating long term relationships are the core functions of developing new business.

But just as importantly, networking and relationship building extends beyond the acquisition of new clients and into the professional realm needed to successfully close a transaction.

When representing a client – be it a property owner, a home buyer or a renter – the real estate broker’s job is akin to bring the hub on a wheel where each spoke on the wheel connects to other service providers.

Over the duration of my career, I have developed a network of trusted professionals with whom I work to ensure my clients’ goals are met.

Mortgage professionals, attorneys, home inspectors, the myriad trade professionals, interior designers, financial advisors, CPA’s and more all come into play in many real estate transactions. Being able to identify the “best in class” of these associated service providers and referring them to my clients when needed allows me to stay ahead of my competition, helps me develop stronger bonds with my clients and ensures that today’s clients will refer me to tomorrow’s clients.

When I interview a new client, my network of affiliated partners is an important part of my practice which I stress as a major benefit for the client.

Having vetted, quality and high service IQ professionals to refer takes the pressure off the client to find such services and reflects well on me when the referral partner exceeds the expectations of the client. Win, win, win.

As an example, a referral I received from a professional colleague in 2015 has developed from a simple rental referral to a multiple client relationship that has accounted for $991,000 in sales (with another $500,000 to be spent in 2020) and $45,000 in commissions! Additionally, the property management services I provide accounts for another $6,000+ in revenue.

In turn, that referral has allowed me to refer further business in my professional network to the painter, handyman, plumber, electrician, landscaper, window treatment professional, home inspector, contractor, CPA, and attorney with likely future business for a pest control professional.

The ability to bring solution options to clients is an absolute foundational element of my business and good business in general. Because of the work I’ve invested in finding excellent partners in business, for the referral I describe above, I have maintained a relationship for over 5 years, have managed 14 rental transactions, brokered 5 purchase transactions (with two more pending in 2020), provided 7 total years of property management services for 6 total properties.

The bottom line is that knowing who to go to, knowing who will do the job right, knowing who will provide the best expertise, service and value to the client is essential to achieving the three goals every client ultimately wants: a transaction at the best possible price in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of difficulty as possible.

Let’s have a conversation soon to talk about your plans, your concerns and how I can help address those concerns. Ask me who I know.

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