Is your email address a marketing tool?

I don’t mean the emails that you send.  I mean the email address.  Far too many business people have an email address which includes an email domain such as “” or “”  They’re free, they’re easy, and they’re the first emails that most kids use!

It’s time to think about using your email address as marketing

Kids don’t have to think about marketing.  Businesses do.  That’s why you have a website.  You probably paid a lot for it.  Then you paid an “SEO Expert” to help you get found on Google searches.  And maybe you use other marketing tools like Social Medial to attract attention.

The goal of social media and most blog posts is to get the reader to visit your website.  That’s where consumers can really get to know what you do and if you can help them.  So why are you making it harder for consumers to find your website?

Your email address gives customers information they want

How many emails do you send out every day?  What if one person — or lots of the people — you send emails to want to find out more about you?  How do they do it?  They’d probably like to visit your website.  But what if you didn’t include your website URL in your email?  How can they find your site?

If your email is [email protected] you’re losing an opportunity to help them.  My email is [email protected], so everyone who sees it knows that my website is  It’s basic marketing: Get the consumer’s attention, tell them how you can help them, and give them an easy way to find out more.

Are you losing a basic (free) way to improve your marketing? Take a look at your email address to find out.

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