Hot Button Marketing

What is a hot button?  In marketing, a hot button is the idea that is most important to your customer or prospect.  It’s “the thing that keeps your customer up at night.”  It’s the problem that they can’t solve.  The challenge that they can’t figure out.

What is a hot button going to do for me?

You’ve seen lots of advertising  and lots of headlines.  Most advertising doesn’t get your attention because you’re not interested in what it offers.  The best way to get your attention is to show you, right from the start, that there’s information here that you really want…you really need…to look at.  What  would appeal to you?  If you house has termites, its about how to eliminate them.  If you hate your job, its about how to find the job of your dreams.  If the price of gas is high and you’re in the market for a new car, it’s about a new model that gets 50 MPG.  Want more explanation?  HYPERLINK “” Find out here.  Now you know.

It’s time to get your customer’s attention

What does your business do?  Why have your customers bought from you in the past?  (Have you ever asked them?)  It wasn’t because you had a sexy photo in your advertising, or because you advertise a lot.  It was because your messages was important to your customer: you offered a solution to their problem.  For example, if your cell phone keeps dropping calls, and you can’t get a “signal,” wouldn’t you be interested in a new phone that guarantees that you’ll never drop another call or they’ll automatically give you a $10 refund?

How does this effect your advertising?

It’s going to attract more of the prospects who need what you offer to notice you, and want to learn more. Want to get better advertising results right away?  Think about your best customers, and ask yourself “What  will attract more customers just like my best ones?”  Then look at your  HYPERLINK “” \o “Advertising Doesn’t Work…” advertising: are you using a hot buttons, or just the same clichés that your competitors do? Call for a Free 15-minute “Hot Button” Coaching Session today: Call (800) 862-8896 or (203) 655-3920.  Or  HYPERLINK “” \o “Call Back Inquiry” email me to set up a good time to talk.  We’ll focus on your customers biggest problems and hot issues, and talk about how to describe these situations in your marketing, use it to create more effective headlines.  Ask us and your marketing will never be the same!

Call Casey Hart to talk about how Informer Messages on hold can use your customers’ Hot Buttons get help you sell more on every phone call.

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