Steve Gladstone
Home Inspection
Stonehollow Fine Home Inspections
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Home inspections are now the rule and no longer the exception with wise homebuyers. Anyone who has bought a home, be it a new or used one, can attest to the horror stories of problems popping up in their dream house almost as quickly as the papers are signed. We fear it, and yet many of us casually spend more money than we ever thought possible on a home with little attention tuned to the potential needs and repairs the future can inevitably bring.

Enter the Home Inspector…not Superman, or a soothsayer looking into a crystal ball, but a modern day home detective who evaluates the clues and conditions made much more obvious to him from his training, and the day to day inspections of a wide variety of homes and condominiums. 

What We Do:

Home Inspection Reports
Roof Inspection
Furnace Inspection
Well Water Testing
Radon Gas Testing & Radon Water Testing
Asbestos Testing
Pool & Spa Assessments
Central A/C Testing
Heat Pump Inspections
Indoor Air Quality Testing



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