Michael Coogan
Medical and Medicare Plans
Medicare Resources USA
[email protected]
Website: https://medicareresourcesusa.com/

I have to thank the Government for making it very difficult for Medicare eligible individuals to know what to do about their Medicare coverage. I am grateful, because our organization helps hundreds of people each year with all the decisions they need to make. If it was an easy process, you would not need us. Thanks to the government making this complicated, it provides Medicare Resources USA with an opportunity to help.

Ideally, we like to connect with our clients 3 to 6 months before their Medicare start date. This is important, so we can explain the timing and costs involved to enroll onto Medicare, set up additional coverage and Part-D Prescription Plans.

Two variables that impact the costs of your Medicare coverage, that are never mentioned in the TV ads or the tons of mails you receive about Medicare:

  • Part-B premiums that include IRMAA—Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount. If you have higher income, you pay more for Medicare Part-B.
  • Part-D Prescription Drug Plans—if you are taking any Tier 4 or 5 Brand name prescription drugs. Your out of pocket costs could be very high.

Thank you for looking at our website. Do not hesitate to connect with us for any questions you have about Medicare coverage and the process to enroll.

Stay safe,Michael J. Coogan / National Director / Medicare Resources USA

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