Daniel Kraus
Medical In-Home Services
Website: www.danielcare.com

We are proud to announce that DanielCare has become part of the CareFinders Total Care Family.

For years, DanielCare has provided the highest quality home healthcare in CT.
And now I am happy to say we have found a partner who shares our mission for providing the most personalized, dependable, quality home care experience for clients.
We also share a commitment to creating the best opportunities for caregivers to grow and thrive in an environment filled with compassion, confidence and respect.

This is an exciting change. CareFinders is the fastest growing provider in the Northeast. They have brought a whole new vision to home healthcare. I believe our combined family will achieve a new level of service and healthier outcomes throughout CT. And I am excited to help lead this charge.

In my new role as Executive Director at CareFinders CT, I will continue to be responsible for the exceptional care and quality service you have come to expect from DanielCare.
Thank you for your continued trust and confidence.

Daniel Kraus
Executive Director
CareFinders Total Care, CT

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