Casey Hart
Audio-Video-Visual Media
The Informer Messages on Hold
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The least expensive way to sound more professional.

Informer Messages on hold help you sell more and sound more professional in the unavoidable time your callers waste on hold. They’re the only messages on hold that use the proven 3-step process to actually put “hold” time to use: for your caller, and for you. Most phone recordings are done by a phone installer or a DJ, so you end up sounding just like any other business. Informer Messages show how your company is different from your competition, and prove to your callers why they’d be crazy to work with anyone else.


“For 10 years we’ve gotten complaints from callers to our 7 stores about the music we’ve played on hold. The Informer messages we use now are the first time our callers have ever been happy with what we offer them on hold.” — Mingledorffs, Mike Feagin

“Have have of people asking about the things we feature on the recording, so it’s doing great.” — Stamford Win Air, Alan Longley

“Without Informer Messages on hold we lose business.” — AC, Westin Morristown

“Thanks for the reminder call, and the suggestions about improving our script.You really make this easy. I don’t know why I waited so long to do it.” — ES, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers

“The recordings are perfect.” — JO, Marketing Manager, Japan Airlines

“The script is unbelievably excellent. We worked with a marketing consultant for a year and a half before he came up with anything close to being this good, and you did it in a week!” — Mike Marino, MGJ Consulting Engineers

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