Ann Lindsay
Personal Stylist
J. Hilburn, Stylist, Trainer and Recruiter

Style of Success Image Consulting, Personal Shopper

[email protected]

As a tenured J.Hilburn Independent Stylist, I bring affordable custom menswear to busy guys in-home or office.  Convenience, personalization, great fit, and amazing value is just the beginning of a complimentary concierge service that will support your clothing needs from the backyard BBQ to the Boardroom.

As a J.Hilburn Sr. Managing Partner I mentor men and women who align with this company in “opening their own J.Hilburn menswear store” to create successful businesses of their own.

As the only internationally certified Professional Image Consultant in New England, I connect appearance goals for men and women to what’s in their closet and on their bodies.  From group training to one on one color analysis, I ensure you learn more about your “image integrity” than you ever considered.

Let the compliments begin! 



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